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2008 Summer Program at Boston University


An intensive language program will be held from Wednesday, July 16, 2008 to August 9 at Boston University in the U.S. The program consists of two English language courses, Courses A and B, in the context of US culture along with American Sign Language (ASL). Both courses have been developed in cooperation with the Center for English and Orientation Programs (CELOP) at Boston University and the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) in Japan. Course B, specifically, has been developed in consultation with Dr. Robert Hoffmeister, Boston University Director of Deaf Studies, in the curriculum framework of CELOP. This is the first attempt for both NUFS and CELOP to integrate ASL into an English language program and particular attention has been paid to how Japanese university students learning English as a foreign language acquire ASL. Why don’t you join the program and expand your horizons?

Course A: General course for English language learning and American culture
The English language component of this course focuses on strengthening communication and presentation skills primarily in speaking, listening, and vocabulary development but also includes reading and writing. In addition to the core English instruction, NUFS students in this course will be introduced to the history and culture of Boston. Course topics will include the Freedom Trail, Boston universities and university life in Boston, John F. Kennedy, and art and architecture in Boston.

Course B: General course plus American Sign Language
This course is open only to DELT students of NUFS. DELT students wishing to participate in this course are required to complete one semester of an introductory ASL course at NUFS prior to participating in this course. In addition to the core English instruction of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, DELT students in this course take ASL class conducted by a Deaf teacher. DELT students also have the opportunity to visit a local school for Deaf children and attend weekly social events with the Boston ASL community. This course will undoubtedly provide participants with an in-depth understanding of Deaf culture as well as ASL itself.

NUFS participants are welcome to take part in BU summer activities, events, and trips organized by CELOP such as tours of Boston, whale watching, concerts, and parties during the program. Each NUFS participant will receive a Boston University ID card and membership to the BU community.

CELOP is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation.
Accreditation by CEA signifies that an English language program or institution has met
nationally accepted standards of excellence and assures students and their sponsors
that the English language instruction and related services will be of the highest quality.

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Boston University Deaf Studies

Contact person: Prof. Toshikazu Kikuchi (kikuchi at nufs.ac.jp)

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